Friday, May 27, 2016

Hop, Skip, Jump

Hi Dear Folks,

It's been a grueling week and has taken until today for me to catch up on the three days that I was off work.  It's a holiday weekend so wish everyone a happy time off.  On Monday I will be spending time with girl friends from of old, that sounds better than saying old girl friends, which we are but we're not going to say that.  We will be visiting one of our little group who lives up in the Amish Country.  Marianne has just moved so look forward to seeing her new place and going out to lunch together.  We always have a good old laugh, a glass of wine and lots of fun.  Plus it is such a lovely drive up there.

I have lots to share on the three days we were away in Ithaca, the Boys Graduation and our digs, which were rather special.  You may have seen some of the photos that I shared on Instagram.  Our time up there ran the gamut from times of quietness and reading, taking a walk beside the lake and picking up drift wood.

I even got to drive The Boys new Miata, which is identical to his old one, which met an untimely demise, same color and same model just only twenty years old.  He says that model is very easy to work on, so let's hope so.  Mum drove up Lake Cayuga in the sun and although I have not driven a stick shift for a long while, once learned you never forget and they are fun.

To manic running around with Rob to accomplish all that needed taking care of before he departed for good.  I was so glad that we took three days off besides the weekend.  We did see some people packing up right after the graduation and were so glad that we did not have to, as we started on Sunday evening and still had more to do on Monday before we left.  We rented a UHaul trailer to put all his stuff in and tow back home.

The weather was mixed and although now has shot up into the mid eighties, Friday and Monday were nice but Thursday, Saturday and Sunday were mostly overcast, even spitting for the Graduation, but it never did rain.

So hopefully this weekend will be a time of sorting out posting a few pics and time with friends.



  1. Have a good time with your friends. I will think of you in Amish country and relive the fun days we had there. I saw some pics of your airbnb and it looked wonderful. I remember my ride in miata No. 1 and it was fun. Well done for remembering how to change gear! Once learned never forgotten.

  2. I am so glad you are having a wonderful Monday with your friends! And glad all went well with Rob's graduation and I'm sure he was glad of the help to get him packed up and home. I did enjoy the instagram photos of the Air B&B that you stayed unique!

  3. Busy times! congrats to your son, so pleased he had a wonderful and productive education and has graduated already! Wow!!!


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