Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tomato Pie Cafe, Lititz, Pennsylvania - Heart of The Amish Country

Hi Dear Folk,

Where did May go?  I'm jumping ahead of myself to post this and then will need to backtrack to Ithaca and Rob's Graduation, but this is where I went on Monday to Lititz, PA see here.  In the early 1700's Lititz was settled by the Moravians from the Czech Republic

This is our little group, going round clockwise starting on the left, Janice, Maryanne and Jerry who live up here, Joni my old flat mate, Linda and Tommy who live in Tennessee, Tommy is Maryanne's brother, me and Nancy my other flat mate from times past.

We are at the Tomato Pie Cafe and of course they are known for Tomato Pies, many of us had the tomato pie, but one order came out incorrectly and it was tomato pie with kimchi, and they were kind enough to leave it with us and get the corrected dish for Janice.  We were able to sample this and it was delicious.  I don't think it is on their menu all the time, but would definitely have that next time if it is on the menu.

The Tomato Pie Cafe on the outside, Victorian with lots of old rooms.  All three of us girls piled into the bathroom upstairs and then realized that there was only one toilet behind a screen and was in a very large room. We didn't mind but then someone else tried to come in, well you have to stick with family and that's was us girls have become.

This lovely park is across the road from the Cafe.  Behind the old railway station is the chocolate factory, but because most shops were closed for the holiday it was quite quiet in Lititz, it is usually pretty crowded, especially on a weekend.

How I come to hardly have any ducks in my photos is a mystery, because they certainly loved this pond and stream.

And a stop on the way back to Marianne's at the Hoover Farm Nursery, this was just one of many greenhouses and outside gardens.   Marianne said this was quite small for the Amish area.

I bought some Sugar Sweet Cherry tomatoes, a German Heirloom tomato and a Bougainvillea, which always remind me of Cadiz in Spain, where you walk through the very narrow streets in deep shade with three and four story old buildings with overlapping bay windows and all of a sudden it opens out to a square with bright sunlight and bougainvilleas and what a contrast of darkness and light, smell and colour.

I also treated myself to an aluminum wall hanging garden, I have yet to think what I might put in there, but I'm thinking herbs, by the back door.

Well that's my whirlwind post, which is appropriate as May seems to have passed in a whirlwind of activity.



  1. What a beautiful place! Glad you had a fun day out. The new plants sound interesting.

  2. The cafe building is quite gorgeous! What a lovely day out - and making it properly summer with some tomato plants too. :-)

    1. Yes it did seem to be a Tomato day. Thank you for your comment Gretel.


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