Monday, May 16, 2016

Old Family Photos

Hi Dear Folk,

Just a few old family photos that I took photos of while at my sister's, so quality is quite poor.

My dad worked for the Eastern Gas Board, here he is about 1953, top second from left.  Gathered together for a retirement photo, the man center front is holding his retirement clock, very fifties, we have one like that.  Here you see both the white collar and blue collar workers, such a time snap.

Love this photo of my dad on the left about 1952 with my mum's brother in law.

My mum with me about 1955, standing outside my grandmas front door.

My dear mum and I on a camping holiday, sitting beside our old Austin A30 van, I'm guessing, 1957, before my sister was born.

Our cottage taken in the early sixties.

Family holiday about 1965, my dad, sister BB and my cousin Geoff came with us.  I know this was in Devon, I think Portlock Weir.

Sienna, Italy 1974.  About ten of us rented a Ford Transit van from Wilhire, we drove down to Italy and camped, traveling through France, Switzerland, and Germany on the way back.  I remember we camped by Lake Maggiore and saw Lake Como and so much more.  The name of the rental company was painted across the back doors and people thought we were a band traveling.

At our destination campsite in Italy, Castiglione della Pascaia.  I'm standing, Dawn and Pierre sitting. All the tents were pitched under bamboo mats which kept the sun off.  It was a ten minute walk to the beach.  Wonderful vacation, playing Wings Band on the Run.

Our cottage late seventies, with my mum standing in the front garden, that small window upstairs was my bedroom.

I was married here, so about 1986.  I'm wearing all my Indian jewelry.


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  1. I love old photos. So nice to C your mum n dad also old friends.


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