Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rijks Museum Dragonfly Hair Comb

Hi Dear Folk,

Sharing a couple of favs from the Rijks.

I do not remember the details on this but turn of the 20th century is was one of my favourites.

A lot of graphics for the fashion show were set around this dress.

Helena Slicher's wedding gown, which she supposedly wore at her marriage to Aelbrecht baron van Slingelandt on September 4, 1759.  Try and get through the door with that.

Lucien Gaillard 1904

Parts of the dragonflies wings are in plique-a-jour, a vitreous enameling technique, in which the enamel is not applied to a metal base, but rather set in a gossamer thin wire framework.

Yes I would have liked to take this home, wouldn't that look lovely sitting atop a French pleat?


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  1. The dragonfly is exquisite! But Helena's wedding dress is ridiculous! Poor woman!


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