Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Clare Antiques Tea House, Suffolk

Hi Dear Folk,

Clare is our go to place.  Mum always loved it and my sister BB and I do too.  It's only a few miles away from my sister's and always makes the most delightful outing.  Here we have decided to visit the little Tea Shop that they have set up on the bottom floor of the Old Mill Antiques.  That was a surprise for me as it is an addition since I was there last.

BB's friend Ruth treated us to Tea and Cheese Scones with Tomato Jelly, which I love and as I said before I'm going to make some this summer.  I like the way they served it on a long sandwich plate with the jelly in an old salt seller.

This is the old canal that runs by at the bottom of the mill road.  I'm wearing the Aran poncho that my sister knitted for me.  Also below you can see the lovely hand knitted cardigan that I picked up in a charity shop and guess what it had tulips on and guess what I also came across a marquisette tulip broach to pin on the cardigan.

So many happy memories with mum, BB and the children when little now all grown.  Sitting eating a picnic and sketching and playing soccer with the boys.  There's the remains of a castle and mott along with the old railway station, ponds, geese, ducks and cattle in the distance, most bucolic.

At Mill Antiques Ruth bought me the lovely little silver salt spoon above.It is so delightful, she knew I was looking for one.

This item I bought at a charity shop, mostly for the silver spoon which I thought was for salt, but when my sister BB saw it she said no that's a mustard pot without the lid and the spoon is for mustard, as soon as she said that I knew she was right.  Maybe one day I'll come across a lid.  That was bought before my lovely gift.



  1. How nice to revisit such a lovely place where you have fond memories!

  2. It's such a lovely peaceful place. I love your Poncho and tulip cardigan. BB is so clever. The cardigan will remind you of both Suffolk and Amsterdam.


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