Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Adventurous Crocheter and My Weekend

Hi Dear Folk,

Busy week at work as always although some more than others.  It does seem that as of 2017, our office is going to move down to center city Philadelphia, from the Burbs, not sure how I feel about that because it more than doubles the commute time for me, plus train travel expenses, plus Philadelphia City wage tax, so there we are, well it's just half a year away.

My lovely lilac, as of last week, this week it's pretty much over, but what a show this year.

Unfortunately we do not have bluebell woods in the USA, please anyone correct me if I'm wrong.  This is a lovely British woodland calendar from Jean, it is just the right size to sit on my desk as a desk pad.  I had another British calendar that sat here for many years from another friend Fred. The reason I say all this is because different countries seem to go in for different sizes and this size is just right for my desk and I can change the picture with the month.

When we receive paperwork from China, the paper is always in the A4 sizing which is British as opposed the the 8 1/2" x 11" sizing which is American.  When you're in the printing industry you notice sizing of paper, what's standard and what isn't.

My crochet cardigan which I'm working on.  The light blue is 100% wool and it says mothproof, not sure where I got it, might have been the thrift, I have mixed it in with the green bamboo fibre yarn and mohair.  It's fun because I'm making it up as I go, using yarns I have.

I'm working from the Adventurous Crocheter book

My coffee mug and tray from Amsterdam, which I have so been enjoying.  I have three photos just wanted to show all pictures and writing on the mug.

I especially like the picture below, the farmer with his braces, reminds me of my dad.  I think it says something like life is better on the farm, I'll have to find out, if someone can tell me that would be great.

This is my guidebook for the crocheting of my cardigan, no patterns, but principles and guidelines to work from, and I find this so releasing and more creative.

No colour photos, just a lot of very informative little diagrams like this, teaching you how to size things, and so, so much more.  This book came out in 1972 by Delia Brock and Lorraine Bodger, I love it and would recommend this.  You can find them to buy on the internet, and I think it is a great addition to a crocheter's library.

It's like not being given a fish, but being taught how to fish, and isn't there more fun in that?

I think if all turns out in my first cardigan experiment, that I will use these buttons which have been sitting in the wings for thirty years, as you see from PEI.  I have eight, aren't they lovely?  Must go back to PEI it's about time.

First roses from the garden, Jacobs Coat.

Hope your weekend is relaxing.



  1. Your post is full of lovely things. Your dark mauve lilac is beautiful. Mine is the light version plus I can't reach it to bring it in. You are so clever with your crochet. I seem to remember the shop assistant saying that about the farm on your mug. You can look it up online. I didn't know paper sizes varied so much.

  2. Lilacs are my very favorite flower, we can't grow them this far south, wish we could. Love your sweater.


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