Friday, May 6, 2016

Art for Sewing, Knitting and Crochet

Hi Dear Folk,

Well we are in our 11th day of gloom and rain, I so long to see the sun and get out in the garden.  The Boys' Graduation is in two weeks and we hope these doldrums of rain clear up, plenty of time to do so.

I'm cheering myself up with these wonderful paintings, I have chosen three, one representing sewing, the other knitting and the last crochet.

Autumn Sunshine by Leonard Fuller.  Fuller belonged to the St. Ives Society of Artists.

Marjorie Knitting by Leonard Fuller

Girl Crocheting by Edmund Tarbell 1904.  Tarbell was a member of the American Impresionists, one of the ten.

I chose this crocheting painting out of so many because it reminds me of the 17th century Dutch paintings that we saw at the Rijks, it has that kind of detail.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. Now we have rolling thunder


  1. I love these paintings. There is so much detail that you could keep looking and finding new things. They are also very peaceful. Hope your weather clears up soon. Ours has but supposed to get cold again next week.

  2. I love a rainy day...they are "thinking days". That being said I do agree with you...nine days in a row is enough thinking for my poor brain!
    Enjoy your boys graduation! He has worked so hard for this.

  3. Nice paintings! Especially love the first one. I wish I could sit next to the sewing woman and have a coffee:) Thank you for sharing!


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