Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Winter's Discontent Made Glorious

Hi Dear Folk,

How are you weathering?

I cannot take credit for this wonderful title Winter's Discontent Made Glorious.  As you can see it is an old underground poster from London.

Along with this other poster Always Warm And Bright.

We are in some need of Gloriousness and Warm and Bright.

I keep thinking of Enchanted April, maybe I need to gather a few friends together and escape to Tuscany or wonderful enchanted places.

Monday was a beautiful day and I actually got out and walked the mile track at the park, but since then it has plummeted back into winter and I feel like having a wood fire again.

I am sewing together my Japanese crochet flowers for my new scarf/shawl, it is Joseph's shawl of many colours, bright would be the word, so maybe I do have something Warm and Bright.

A glorious orchid, another miniature one is on my desk.  They last a long while and give you such beauty.

My other orchid at home, after having two buds for about three months, actually decided to unfurl itself and now I have two blooms there on my dining room table.

Mr. B.  cleaned up all my broken pots, did I tell you about my broken pots?

Well when we put the new furnace in all the pots that winter on the steps to my basement had to be moved and we forgot to put them back, consequently most of them cracked, including my teacup pot.  You see the outside steps are covered with a lift up outside trap door, so a great place to winter ones pots. 

Also my little water tub with the pump fell to bits, so another item that will need replacing this spring.  It lasted a long while, but I would like things to last even longer.

I wore my Felt Posy and everyone liked it, more glorious things.

Hoping that things are Glorious, Warm and Bright for you.


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  1. I love those old posters. Yes spring is sprung here with Harlow a riot of daffodils everywhere. Glad you managed a walk. Orchids are beautiful and we have one in our hall every year for the memorial so a glorious thing to look at now. Sorry about your pots but you will have fun replacing them!


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