Monday, April 27, 2015

MC3, Daffs and Orchids

Hi Dear Folk,

Why does one think at sixty that you can do what you did at forty?  I have been asking myself that after overdoing it in the garden two weekends ago.  The trouble is I have to fit this in on the weekend, it was the dreaded spring clean up, the one where you never cleaned anything up last autumn and now you have a grand clean up.  My excuse is that there is no point because our oak tree does not even start shedding leaves until January or February.  Starting at 7:00 AM and finishing at 5:00PM I think is overdoing it and another weekend day spent with at least four hours in the garden.

One should be very tired, no I'm wide awake all Sunday night or just about, so needless to say I had to take Monday off work.  Monday started out nasty and rainy Mr. B. was home, I did some crochet and later in the afternoon the sun did come out and by then I was rested, and we took our free lunch coupons that someone gave him for Chic fil a and treated ourselves, our big splurge out, was hiking out the additional money for milk shakes.

I did get to accept Rob's award, his name is on this plaque.  It was a very low key affair with goodies. He won it for his essay entitled -  Blade Runner Breaks into the Second Golden Age of Television.  The money helped him out this month as he has been working on a shoot and has not spent so much time at work.  In one hand and out the other isn't that the way of life?

Here are some daffodil photos from over a week ago, the daffs were late here, but our spring has been so cold and changeable that everything is a good two to three weeks behind.

I had quite a nice show by my backdoor this year.

These were flattened and bent by the rain, so washed the dirt off them and made an arrangement to enjoy them for a while.

So the other week I go to my once in two weeks or so visit to Trader Joe's during my lunch hour at work and this is what I found, and couldn't leave the store without buying it.  An orchid that looks like a Pansy face.  What I didn't realize is that it is very fragrant and fills the house with it's pungent smell, which is most noticeable when you first walk in.  I so love this.

I also have the added delight this year of a Robin making it's nest right by our backdoor in the honeysuckle climber.  Our Dutch Colonial upstairs floor juts out over the downstairs, so it is a wonderful dry place to build a nest.  I've had other birds nest there before, but not every year.  Guess where he is getting his building supplies, he is pulling the roots and what is left of the cutback reeds out of our little pond.  He comes with his mouth laden and streamers flying behind and I have not seen the Mrs.

It's no wonder that wetland areas are so vital to the environment, sometimes Mr. B. has to take a hack saw to the reeds as they just overfill the pond.  The point being they so hold together that no way can you get them out without a hacksaw, just think what wetlands do to stop coastal erosion, let alone all the wild life that benefit.  So I am happy that our tiny little pond besides a great place for the animals to take a drink and the birds to take a bath, is now a nest building resource.  So far she has not touched the little pile of yarn ends I left there, maybe they are just too bright, nests  need to be camouflaged.

More going on, on the crochet front will share that another time.

Take care,

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  1. I try not to overdo things in the garden now but I think that is because I am retired and although still busy, I don't have to rush round on days off to fit everything in. Also having spent a fortune on osteopathy do not want to undo the good work. Your daffs and orchid are beautiful. Daffs long gone here but plenty more flowers out. Well done for your pond and the robin. They are so friendly.


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