Thursday, April 2, 2015

Posy of Felt Flowers for Spring

Hi Dear Folk,

We are starting to see some sun, although it is still chilly, so this may be just in time.

Here is my Spring Posy of Lily of The Valley and Bluebells.  I enjoyed coming up with the idea of  how to cut and make the Lily of The Valley and the Bluebells, they are cut out just a bit differently, but sewed in the same way.  The length is a bit short of the length of my hand, so would be nice on a jacket or cardigan.  I thought a little bow just finished it off.

I may make posies for all four seasons.

Have a happy day.



  1. That is beautiful. You are so inventive.

  2. They are rpecious! What type of felt do you use?


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