Saturday, April 4, 2015

Historical Society Tea

Hi Dear Folk,

I didn't get to tell you about the Afternoon Tea that I went to a couple of Sundays ago.  A dear friend and I were meant to go but unfortunately she fell ill and I took along Mr. B.  Mr. B. turned out to be the only tea partaking gent there.

Here I am arriving, most of these photos were shot by the Historical Society photographer and I'm wearing my shawl over an Aran swing cardigan that my sister made for me.

They had little gifts at the tables for all in attendance, my company donated the little boxes that you see, that I put little sachet packets of tea in.

Below you can see all the boxes in the bags ready to distribute.  I am definitely not going in for a job pick and packing as it took Mr. B and I two evenings to do this.  Assemble the little boxes, stamp some little packets for the teas with my willow pattern stamp and make sure that all was distributed evenly.

This is the fireplace in the Library where we sat I like all the paneling, the Clifton House dates back to the 1700s.

Here is the library a very cozy room.  We sat in here last year when a whole group of us attended, we had the table for eight then.  It was lovely as it felt very cozy on that day as it was pouring with rain, but on a sunny day I think it is nicer to be in the other room, but both are nice.

Here are some of the ladies.

This is the sunnier of the two rooms, catching the afternoon sun.  I sat in here the first year that I attended.

The hard working ladies of the kitchen.

Kettles on, teas up.

Our display of sandwiches.

The lovely little cakes.

I think they are thinking of two teas this year, another one in autumn.

I definitely think it is a girls thing, it was OK with Mr. B., not quite his thing, but the men in my family are pretty good in indulging mum in afternoon tea, as last year The Boy came with me to the afternoon tea at the Philadelphia Flower Show.



  1. It looks like a really lovely afternoon.
    Hugs and Happy Easter,

  2. I am most upset that I missed this! It looks lovely and I know I would have loved it!


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