Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lees Columbia - Minverva

Hi Dear Folk,

I have several Columbia - Minerva books, but never realized there was a local connection.  This book says Lees Columbia - Minerva

Look at this wonderful knitting pattern on The Vintage Pattern Files.  Isn't this a must have jacket?

When I looked the pattern up I noticed that it came from James Lees and Son in Bridgeport, PA, that's just down the road across the river.  So I did a search and there really isn't much information on the Internet about them, except that they discontinued making wool yarn in 1954.  I will probably need to go to the local library to look up some information on them.

The quote below is from the New York Times.

November 17th 1954

JAMES LEES & SONS DROP WOOL YARNS; 700 of Carpet Company's 1,650 Employees to Lose Jobs at Bridgeport, Pa.

BRIDGEPORT, Pa., Nov. 16 (AP) -- James Lees Sons Co., one of the nation's major carpet manufacturers, announced today it is discontinuing the manufacture of woolen carpet yarns.

Here are some old photos of the mill.  It would be interesting to see the connection between Columbia Minerva Knitting Patterns and the Carpet Mill. 




  1. Interesting. Marvelous old pictures.

  2. Oh my word, the jacket is priceless. And I'll bet that underneath she was wearing a very pointy bra.... :)

    The mill photos are fascinating. I wonder what became of the building and the equipment. You hear of old soda-bottling equipment being bought up and used by small new companies who are making small-batch sodas; I wonder if something similar ever happens with spinning and yarn-winding machines?

    1. I found this most interesting and will do some more research about the factory. Thank you for commenting and I love your Blog


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