Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring and Sofas

I am getting Spring fever and it's about time we had just a little warmer weather, it isn't there yet though.

I wrote before that I had long wanted to have matching sofas either side of my fire in the sitting room and had found a matching pair at the thrift.  I loved their shape, but did not like the floral print and had planned to change that this summer. On using them over the winter, and it takes time to find these things out, they just were not as comfortable as I had hoped they would be, they were not working for me.

During the winter I had ordered some slip covers for the two love seats, and although they were nice quality they just drowned them and totally obscured the one thing I loved about them, their shape, therefore returned them.

I coxed Mr B and The Boy into moving the old large cream sofa, which is big and very comfortable, out of the garage and moving that into the sitting room, while they took out the two love seats, I had facing each other each side of the fireplace.

So moving on and The Boy says he understands this having just revamped a totally acceptable stereo system with a change, I said so you get it and will help dad do the Grand Move.

The cream sofa is also older and needs to be covered, so have ordered a slip cover for that, I am so hoping that I like it.  This sofa is more of a standard shape.  You are limited when you have loose back cushions. There were only two fabric choices in that style, I went with the same fabric I had chosen for the love seat covers, a pique, which felt very velvety, I liked the fabric, only instead of a garnet colour I decided on taupe.  I had wanted a lighter more oatmeal cream colour, but they did not do it in that fabric.  The other fabric a suede they did do in oatmeal, but when I looked online it looked too modern for my house.

So will show pics when all done.


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