Friday, March 7, 2014

ARTiculture Philadelphia Flower Show 2014

The theme this year was ARTiculture.  Garden clubs paired up with Art colleges within the area to produce some spectacular compositions of living art in flowers.  Along with horticulturists and other exhibitors.  My first impression was where are the flowers?  I guess before I went I hadn't really thought about the theme for 2014 Philly Flower Show, just wanted to get there.  So hardly any little gardens with picket fences and roses growing around the front door.  I think I should have gone last year, which was called Brilliant and was a representation of England, Scotland and Wales.  I am still looking for a list of themes for the Philly flower shows down through the years.

Having said that, there was much beauty to be seen.

This Korean display was much admired, Rob and I liked it a lot.

One of my favourites was this City hang out above and below, done in corrugated steel, the light inside was great.

I had to take a photo of this dutch bulb exhibit, because it was one of the few traditional displays.

Rob and I did get to our Garden Tea.  We sat with two delightful, sisters, who were Chinese, from New York City.  They come every year, so I asked them which they felt had been one of their favourites over the years and they said the Tour de France.

Our Tea was very nice and we were ready for a sit down and a spot of tea.  One of those things that you totally enjoy, but wouldn't do again. Some what over priced and could have had just a tad more finesse on the sandwiches. Do you have things that you have done like that?

Rob and I loved this, a simple pump with the water going up the bike tubes and this turns the wheel, we thought could we have a go at this.

The miniatures are always very popular, we missed them before Tea, so afterwards we had a little time before catching the train and by then the convention center had really thinned out, so did not have to wait long to look at these.

Above and below represents the home of Freda Kahlo, this was my favourite.

Above represents I think the studio of Leonardo da Vinci.

Above a natural landscape.

This was at the main entrance to the flower show.

Mr. B. drove as down and dropped us off.  We caught the train home, you never have to walk outside to the train station from the Convention Center, that was good because The Boy did not wear a coat, he did not want to carry it around and when we came out it was sleety-rain and cold.  It would have been too cold for me on the platform without a coat, but he's young.

So a nice day, but it made for a busy weekend.



  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures with us. I loved the miniatures. The bike pump was interesting.

  2. Looks like a lovely day with Rob. Im so glad it went so well. Thinking of you!


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