Friday, March 21, 2014

Japanese Crochet Flowers and Serenity Garden Yarn

Deborah Norville Serenity Garden yarns are just such fun to work with.  Well let me start from the beginning.  I wanted to crochet a flower shawl, I started looking at Japanese crochet flowers and scarves and shawls made with Japanese flower designs.  So download the pattern take out some yarn and practice.

I decided the yarn I was using was too heavy, and went rummaging through my many dispersed collections when I came across a skein that I had bought several years ago, it was this yarn Serenity Garden and it was in the Gems color.  I had actually bought it to crochet the gusset in my Oilily sweater, but opted for plain red in the end.

Japanese crochet flowers are usually crocheted in three different colours but I thought wouldn't it be fun to use this multi color yarn and not have to have all those ends.

The yarn is soft, is the correct weight for the flowers and I am just enjoying working with it so much.  It does split a little but if you're careful it is fine.  There were many good reviews about this yarn.

So then I panic I like this yarn so much, but I bought it several years ago can I still get it.  Yes, our local store does still have some of the colours, phew.  So now I'm on a Japanese flower crochet saga.

Did finish my other shawl and will post pics when weather cooperates.

Just put those two words together Japanese and Serenity Garden, they seem to compliment each other.





 Mountain Heather



Spring Water 


Orange Tree

Happy Crocheting,

P.S.  Japanese crochet scarf  L'atelier de Marie

PPS Just finished watching The Far Pavilions the book was by M. M. Kaye.  She wrote many books and one of her best I think, is the first in the series of a trilogy of  autobiographical books 'The Sun In the Morning', growing up in the early nineteen hundreds in Simla, India, a place I want to visit.  Hence I call my sunroom the Simla Room, all things Indian.

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  1. The colours are beautiful. I have never seen or read the Far Pavilions but enjoyed her trilogy especially the first one. I want to go to Simla too. There is a BBC series called Indian Hill Railways and the 3rd episode is Kalka Shimla railway. The whole program is on Youtube if you haven't seen it.


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