Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snowdrops on Brocade From Courtauld's Mill in Halstead

Guess what it did last night, yes it snowed again, a sprinkling, but enough for everything to be white.  Plus it was very cold with a gusty wind.  Spring is not here yet.

And woe is us, because we just had the man in to clean the furnace, and it turns out that we need a new one.  Ours is very old, I'm thinking fifties or sixties, and is oil, so we may change to gas, since we have to put a new one in.

Every morning Mr. B.  has to go down and check that there is enough water in the boiler, it has a crack, so he checks on the water level, to run it for hot water and back ground heat.  At least we're coming into the season when we should not be using it as much, plus we also have the wood stove.  But ouch!  What an expense.  Not one we had planned on.  We knew one day, but not this day.  At least we can baby it along.

I have started on a crochet skirt to go with my shawl, quite an easy pattern I will post it later.  In a fleck gray/charcoal it is crocheting up looking a little darker than I thought it would, but I like it.

I took this photo a couple of weekends ago.  I know it is a little late to show snowdrops, but March for snowdrops is late in any case.  These were buried under snow for so long, I think that they were stunted in their growth.  But a nice little show for me to enjoy while sitting in the Simla Room crocheting.

The brocade fabric they are sitting on is just one of a couple of small pieces I have which my grandma gave to me.  She used to work at Courtauld's Mill in Halstead, Essex, back in the fifties and sixties, before it was closed down.

Behind is a photo of Mr. B. and I on our honeymoon.

This was Courtauld's Mill.  If you were to turn around to the right just behind you is where my nephew had his wedding reception, in an old timber framed pub.

Hope all is well with you dear folk.


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  1. It's turned very wintry here too but no snow, only sleet and hailstones. Not welcome after the warm spell. Our flowers are all out of order too. My tulips are nearly over far too early. The snowdrops are pretty. I'm guessing a furnace is like a boiler and not good to need a new one.


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