Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lacy Cobweb Shawl

Lacy cobweb shawl, sounds good to me, using left over yarn in many colours, OK.  So first of all I read the pattern incorrectly, my fault, I had to undo some, then I've got to the number of rows required and then you add the frill, something is wrong here, why are the frills on the bottom of the shawl hanging so much  lower, mine are coming out of my shoulders.  Another undo and mohair is a pain to undo.

Notice giant ball of yarn above, not very neatly rolled, well I knew it would all be re-crocheted in again and did not feel like being neat, after all that undoing.  I have mastered the knack of a Russian yarn join and quite enjoy using that to add one yarn end to the next.

So these were the yarns I found around the house and put together.  The fleck yarn is soo soft.

It said crochet very loosely, but how ever lose you crocheted it, it was never going to be that long.  Maybe I used to thick a yarn.  Lacy is the key word and to be lacy you cannot have thick and heavy yarn.

Oh well!  It's coming along now though, but will not be a lacy cobweb shawl.


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