Thursday, August 22, 2013

Home and Garden

I haven't taken too many photos of my garden recently.  The summer is tailing down and there have been some quite cool days, so one can feel the approach of autumn in the air.

One last flower came out on my Oh Henry! Clematis.

I love these asters, they bloom much later in the season and are just greenery until they do, but they make a pretty show.  I also planted cosmos, but although pretty they do not suit the tall pots on pedestals, even the zinnias probably are not right for them, but they seem to work better.

Here are the zinnias past their best, but the hummingbirds do love them and I get to see them out of my back door for a fleeting few seconds and they whip in and out, as humming birds do.

The cleome which seed themselves and I think of as sparklers.

The hummingbirds also like the honeysuckle on the other side of the back door.

A passion flower, which wasn't at it's best and thus was reduced, although it has put out greenery I have hardly had any flowers, I wonder if there is something I should do to aid it along.

Now to home, I had a craving for Rock Buns, so found a recipe on the Internet and proceeded to make them.  I did not have the candied peel it required so added some passion flowers which I had.

Rock Buns in my Red Cardinal tin, which always brings a smile to my face, even though one of the boys dropped it and it has a big dent on the edge at the bottom, oh well!



  1. I enjoy seeing your garden. I haven't had rock buns for years so that took me back to childhood. The fruit substitute was interesting.


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