Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking St. Augustine

Hi Dear Folk,

Are you still with me on this our Florida adventure, because we've got a lot of miles still to travel.

Here we are walking around the old town of St. Augustine.

Above is the old cemetery.

Some of the old houses in the center of town.

Plaza de la Constitucion, to the right of Rob's head behind the gazebo is the "old slave market," an open-air pavilion where enslaved Africans were bought and sold. 

Since its construction in the early nineteenth century, the waterfront structure has transformed from marketplace to leisure plaza to a locus for civic festivals and political protests. Largely ignored by locals and overlooked by tourists, the market sits empty in the center of America’s oldest continuously inhabited, European-established city. 

Despite its changing purposes, it remains best known by the vernacular name "slave market," a tangible reminder of slavery. Although the structure was initially built to house the exchange of foods and commercial goods, newspaper reports and city records document slave sales here.

Lightner Museum and City Hall.

Yes boiling hot again and another pit stop for refreshment.  These were quite expensive lollypops, or ice pops or what ever you want to call them.  But delicious, all organic, mine was Strawberry and Basil, yum.  I did not get to try but wanted to, Peach and Chipotle, can't remember what Rob got.


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  1. Am very much enjoying sharing your holiday and beautiful photos. Must get a map out and trace your journey sometime.


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