Thursday, August 1, 2013

Double Sofas

Dear Folk,

I'm sure you all have your imaginary wishes, which may or may not happen, but you tuck them in the back of your mind, and some day they become a reality.

This has long been my little imaginary wish to have matching sofas either side of the fireplace.  But with a room that is long and narrow, obviously the sofas were going to have to be short width wise.  The price must be right and I don't go to new furniture shops so it was something I would just have to run across in the Thrift, and I don't have much time for thrifting so would have to be around the corner Thrift shop.

Last autumn this is what I found, not too wide, quite deep, low to the ground, which I like for short legs and matching.  Plus I like the high backs same height as the arms and the fact that the arms stop short, allowing easy access.  You quite often see two sofas that match, but not in the same size, usually a three seater and a two seater.  I just knew I could not pass them by, when would I ever run across a pair that would fit my criteria.

They have sat in the garage, and now Mr B. and son got them out for me, and I had a summer spring clean, yes just a few months late.

I want to change the fabric, because it does not go.  I still have some of the Chinese fabric which is on my other sofa and chair or I have a plain white upholstery fabric which I bought for one dollar per yard.  Mr B. thinks the white and I am leaning towards that too.  Could look a little too dark with all that black.  See the last photo for the white fabric.

My collection of American houses and barns.

I like this chair in the corner, it gives me a nice view out of the window, and I can listen to my little barrel pump water falling, quite tranquil.  Plus watch the humming birds visiting my potted flowers on the Simla patio.

I bought all this fabric before my favourite local store Jomar had to close down, Uh!


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