Tuesday, August 13, 2013

St. Augustine Florida

Hi Dear Folk,

What a crazy day.  Started off thunder, lightening and pouring with rain.  By the time I started out to work the roads were all flooded, water gushing down the edge and certain roads flooded and blocked off.  One area I pass through on the way to work is down by the mill and river, it always floods.  So I was diverted along another road, this proved to be most fortuitous for me, because I have found a short cut to work.

Instead of having to travel a U at the end of my journey, I can just cut across the top.  This must cut off about five minutes, I know that doesn't sound much, but each way, then multiplied by five, is a savings of fifty minutes per week in travel time.  When you think about it, that's quite a savings.

The roads were so dry coming home that you would never know so much rain poured this morning.

Well back to Florida and a continuation of our travels.  Our long drive across Florida took us through some very time warped towns.  Amazing back roads with no traffic on them and long lonely drives, you wouldn't think so in Florida.  Traveled by huge logging trucks and mining trucks.

The above photo may just express the juxtaposition of culture and life styles in Florida. Rob is standing in the background taking a photo. I had fun trying different photo finishes.

We stopped for gas at one place and then we could not get the VW started again.  We waited fiddled with the ignition and voila it started up.  This happened several times throughout the trip, it seems that Chinese parts do not always work, but the owner had installed a by pass ignition switch, but somehow we must have not heard that part of the tutorial.

By 5:30 pm we were pulling into St Augustine old town.  We were able to park in the RV parking lot which was free, great.  From there we walked down into town.

St. Augustine has an old Spanish colonial history and reflects this heritage, in the buildings, courtyards and fountains.

It was yet again, Hot so I decided that a beer would hit the spot.  Unfortunately for Rob 21 is the age to drink over here, so I was the one who got the Pilsner, we shared salsa and chips and got to listen to a little early evening music, that was great.

Some of the architecture.

The Boy could not help running over to talk to an elderly gentlemen who had spent some serious money on Minis and had several. This was a very special edition, The Boy could tell you what was special about it.  Unfortunately as you know his Mini demised and is no longer with us.  That all happened after we got back from Florida.

The boy enjoyed a splurge on this concoction.

We spent such a pleasant evening here, then went on to a camp site at Anastasia, just outside St. Augustine, across the bridge.  We spent the evening walking on the beach, wading though deep pools left by the receding tide.  Watching gulls run backwards and forwards with the waves.

A nice ending to a long day.


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