Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nightime Garden

 I always seem to wake up at 3:30 am and I might as well get up.  I either potter in the kitchen, read, or take my iPad out into the garden.  On warm summer nights this is a treat, because it's tranquil.  The cats sit with me and it's a little bit of stolen time.  Must make sure I get back to bed for two hours sleep before I have to get up for work, that's the downer, but still it is lovely then.  You may hear a freight train go by in the distance, always a haunting sound a few insects, but even they are asleep at this time, as any other normal being would be.

So here are a few shots taken with my iPad.



 My cleome look quite spunky and are popping there in the night light.

By the way I moved my passion flower vine, it came to me that each day, it just wasn't long enough in the direct sun and last night I came home from work and was rewarded with a flower.

Well it's a very dull rainey day today, but this morning at 3:30 am it was lovely, so I got a jump on the weather. Ha! Ha!

How is your day?

Take care,

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