Saturday, August 1, 2009

Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk the name of the movie, is a tea plantation in Ceylon. These two shots I took off the TV movie while playing. Did some tea plantation houses, look like this? Look at all the Tea pickers in the background. Ceylon, now Sri Lanka must have some spectacular tea plantations.

Elephant walk the plantation and the house, built by the arrogant, now dead father was built right on the path of where the elephants walk. How many years can they hold them back before it is reclaimed. the movie is mediocre, but I liked looking at the tea plantation and the house.
It made me think of taking a look at different tea plantations.

In the UK we came to know these as Bungalows, which is an anglicised Indian word. We would say as kids, 'bung a low roof on.' But it came to represent in the UK a one storey residence. It derives from the Hindi and Urdi word, Bagla, which means house in the Bengali style. In India they would very often have a porch and be one and a half stories.

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