Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Dad and the Austin A 30 Van

This is my dad probably late fifties, with our Austin A30 van. I'm sure we were camping in Devon. We always camped when I was a child. First a home made plywood tent, with a canvas taupe over it. This homemade tent bolted together. We progressed to a canvas tent, then a caravan.

My dad had side windows put in the van, as it did not come with them. Our van was grey. We had it almost ten years, went everywhere in it. One of my happiest memories is lying on the feather mattress, beside my sister (pre-side windows) looking out the front window, because we were off on holiday. Before the era of seat belts and specialised camping equipment.

While traveling through London, a London taxi cab driver said, "What yu got there mate? Everything but the kitchen sink." Never forgot that.

A couple of better pictures of the A30 Van that I found. Ours was the grey one.


P.S. You know what I miss on the modern cars? Those little quarter window on the side at the front. They were just right for fresh are, without being blown away. Plus you could position them for wind flow.

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