Saturday, August 8, 2009

Buying the Bianchi

Our boy R has wanted a road bike for a while; but being the picky child he is, and because he knows a lot about bike's and has higher aspirations, it can't be just from the local Wallmart.

He was talking to his friend's father about wanting a road bike and he said I bought one a couple of years ago from a guy at work and I never ride it, would you want to buy it? A figure was agreed upon, suitably acceptable to parents and child and a deal was struck.

So here he is inspecting it and trying it out. The Bianchi is ten years old, but what R can contribute to and his parents can afford.

Here he is in the garage cleaning every part meticulously. Note the orange striped runner with all the parts on. Yes that is an outside table runner, mother was too late to object to it's use. Maybe I can salvage it.

He's had fun with it this summer and he probably gets more use out of a road bike than a mountain bike where we live.

Have a great weekend.


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