Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weddings through the Decades

I was thinking about weddings, especially how overboard people have gone on them now. It's nothing to spend $25,000 to $40,000 and these are every day people. Well what made me think of it was Kate's post on making place cards for a friends wedding. I thought how lovely.

It seems that in a lot of weddings now nothing is done by friends or family. They need a wedding planner, and everything is choreographed, I could go on and on. The gown is $6,000, I'm lost for words and think it is all too much.

A wedding is a memorable occasion and should be special, but do you have to go that route to be special?

This made me think of my own wedding in the eighties, total cost $400. Yes I think that was a little meagre even for back then. I borrowed my wedding dress from a dear older friend, she had this most beautiful black and white photo of their wedding in the forties, where her husband looks like Errol Flynn. So I asked if I could borrow the dress and she was delighted It needed new netting at the neck. An older friend who was a seamstress did it for nothing. A friend of my husband's who worked for a dry cleaners had it cleaned for nothing. I made all the flower arrangements, which were fans with flowers on. I made my veil. The bridesmaids made their dresses. The wedding cake was a gift from a friend who worked at a bakers. The Mercedes we travelled in we borrowed from a friend. The reception was at a friends house. Our honeymoon was at a shore house, ocean front for one week, another friends wedding gift. The photographer was also a friend. We had a lovely wedding.


My grandmother's wedding (dad's mum), with all her sisters


My grandmother's sister (my mum's aunt) My mum is on the far right


My husband's parents, Aug 1945 still in uniform


My parents (mum got married in a suit, still rationing then)


Aunt Rose from the 1930's wedding, her daughter getting married.


My cousin Geoff


Our wedding

These are photos of photos, so not all that clear, but I like the progression through the decades.


P.S. In this older post you can see our wedding photos on the wall


  1. What a lovely post! I enjoyed all the wedding photos of your families. And what a beautiful bride you were!

  2. Thank you sunlight for your kind words



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