Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Old High School, Hadham Hall

The main hall there was our assembly hall and changing rooms for gym, also hang out rooms when it rained. In front where you see grass was the playground. The little timber fronted building in the background, was where we did sewing and the domestic science kitchens were there. As you can see we walked a lot from one building to another, it was spread all over, not just one modern building.

As you face the front door, which was a huge door with a small door cut into it. We had history class in one of the turret rooms, middle window on the right. I remember sitting there one snowy day, on the radiator looking out over the snow covered cedar trees, just lovely, eating marmite sandwiches our staple snack.

The headmaster Mr. Douglas and his wife lived in part of the main house. There were offices in there and the boy borders lived there. Mostly sons of farmers, as Hadham Hall was heavy on the sciences, including agricultural science. I was a day pupil, that was mixed, boys and girls.

I must say it was a lovely school to go to. I do think the setting is very important and feel that sterile modern school building does not nurture the inner longing for beauty.

If you click on the link at the top, it has a history about Hadham Hall and the School, also there are other links to the whole area I grew up in.

Happy Memories

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