Monday, August 17, 2009

My Eating Garden

Well just a quick look at what's growing in my garden vege wise. It's been a crazy summer, much cooler and wetter than is normal for us. Now I'm not saying no to the wonderful cool days we've had, but the heat does bring on a lovely sweet tomato.

Cherries, blueberries and corn have been great this year, but the tomatoes are not as sweet. Some people even seem to have a blight on theirs. A lot of my tomatoes were knocked off by the violent rain storms.

Below you can see my banana peppers, I also have green peppers.

I don't think I have planted these plum tomatoes before, have you ever seen so many on a vine? These are my other tomatoes, which I really have not looked after as I should have, staking them etc. But this summer I've been working more, so I guess you can't do it all.

This I think is the spaghetti squash, there are quite a few on the vine. Have you ever tried spaghetti squash? You bake it in the oven, half it and then shread the inside out with a fork, and it's looks just like a veg spaghetti.

Last but not least are my grapes; which are coming along well. The only problem is I think they will ripen when I'm away and I wanted to make wine this year.

Well that's a short tour.


  1. Lovely to see your garden , I'm just starting to plant my spring seedlings.

  2. Thanks Gillybean. Yes our summer is coming to an end. If I get the time I'm going to try for a winter garden.


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