Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reading Matter for UK Trip

It's always fun to receive a package in the post. I think that's part of the fun of Ebay. These are some of the books I bought. The one on England was printed in England, by Methuen & Co. Ltd. 21st edition, printed 1934. 1st edition was 1927. The book on London is a paperback DaCapo press printed in the States, no lovely sepia photos in that one, and of course the one I most wanted on Scotland printed by Dodd, Mead and Co, USA 7Th printing 1933, 1st printed 1929.

So from all the printings of H.V. Morton's books, you can see how popular he must have been in his time.

I do have one more book on it's way from Canada, an Ebay purchase on South Africa. I couldn't resist because his writing is so quintessential to the time he is writing in and a snapshot back for us to the last century. You never know I may one day get to South Africa, I'd love to go.

The Avon at Stratford

Portree Harbour

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