Friday, March 2, 2012

Pieces In My Kitchen

Just a few bits in my kitchen.  I like the ceramic muffin pans.  Metal ones always seem to rust however much you try to clean them and the non-stick always comes off and I think you land up eating it so I don't like them much.  The apple one makes huge muffins, that was thrifted, but I couldn't pass it by because you don't often see the ceramic pans.

A little tile with a dog rose impression bought while on vacation in Massachusetts, at a lovely country tile studio.

An English mug, with a Miss Marple type scenery, little birds nest plates, a bowl from Brittany, which has little style handles either side, only unfortunately the worse for chips.

Last but not least my bakers rack; which I brought for our other house, where it had to fit into a small area as it does here.  It truly does hold and display a lot.

Well just a few pieces in my kitchen.


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  1. I've never seen ceramic muffin pans but they are a good idea. I have a glass chopping board from Brittany with a similar picture to your bowl. You can't have too much storage space in a kitchen.


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