Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lunch on French Plates

Rob decided to have left overs for lunch chicken and rice with tomatoes and peppers, very good.  It looked so nice on the French plate that I had found at the Thrift.  The red tomato on the red place just right, so photos were taken.  Rob even wiped the edge of the plate around and I didn't ask him to.

Rob loves these plates he says they remind him of the sixties.  I found two at 0.50 cents each, so couldn't pass them by, especially coming from France.  So we added them to our everyday collection of china to use and enjoy.

Beautiful day Saturday.  Lovely morning in Service, doing the Memorial Tract work.


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  1. That's a good idea to photograph it as I often think food looks so good its a shame to eat it! That looked great on the French plate.


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