Friday, March 23, 2012

Lunch Time Walk In The Park and My Drive Home From Work


I wanted to get out of the office at lunch time.  So I drove to a very near by area. part of the local Park system. almost a bit of a no man's land, I don't think many people go here as it's not part of the main park.  But nice for a quiet walk to commune with nature. The ground was carpeted in celandine's, so lovely.

Spring in Pennsylvania is full of blossoming trees, here you can see a few as I drive home from work.  They are all at least three weeks early.  I even saw an azalea blooming and they should not be out until May.


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  1. Yes its a beautiful time of year. Celandines out in my garden even though I dug most of them out last year. Beautiful weather here and able to eat lunch in the garden. Clocks go forward tonight so lighter evenings to enjoy it all.


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