Friday, March 16, 2012

The Four Seasons

This is a picture I have hanging in my kitchen, the four seasons UK style.  I think I found it in Marshall's but it's so quintessentially Brit.  The seasons as you see them in the countryside there.

I like all the pictures, but of course especially the poppies around a corn field, and autumn is very Brambley Hedge.

I may have to move this picture, because I'm looking for a saucepan stand to sit in that corner.  With saucepans/pots on a stand that will give me easy access to them and free up some cupboard space.  I'm still looking for the right size and more importantly the right price.

Well it's 6.17AM but still dark because of the time change.  The birds are signing.

Tuppence is sitting with me, because she has bullied Rob into opening his bedroom window and letting her in.  This she does by banging on the window and howling lamentably, thus waking him up and he will get no peace until she is let in. She no longer has to claw on the screen because she has totally torn that up.

She climbs up the fir tree and sits on the Simla Room roof, what could be easier.  We try and lock her in the basement at night with Tinkerbell, but they are not always easy to find to do that.

Why do we humans put up with it?


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  1. The pictures are lovely especially the poppies. Why is it we never have enough storage space in the kitchen and yet kitchens are being made ever smaller?


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