Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Azores Tablecloth

The Azores are an archipelago of islands 800 miles off the coast of Portugal and belong to Portugal.  They are very isolated, but lush and green.  Known for beautiful hedgerows of flowers, lilies, gardenias and many others.  Oranges grow there and because of their lush greenery they have herds of Frisians.

So when we visited several years ago we so much enjoyed the scenery.  And of course we went in the little shop at the Pineapple Plantation, where everything was quite expensive so didn't buy anything.  But it has been my experience that sooner or later it will turn up at the thrift shop.  Just like this brand new little tablecloth from the Azores did.  So how could I pass it by having been there.

The twin lakes are beautiful and we did visit them.  They are extant volcano craters.  I'll have to look through my photos of the Azores and post some.


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  1. The tablecloth is so beautiful. I want to go to the Azores now! I've often thought the same way about souvenirs turning up in charity shops.


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