Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Change In The Sitting Room And Loving It

My sitting room is quite long 22 ft and 13 ft wide.  So it always seems that the ends of the room are never getting used just the middle are. Plus our sofa is big and deep, although very comfortable, so where to put it?

So instead of having the sofa opposite the fire, I decided to put it along one end wall.  With matching tables and lamps either side.  I think it makes the room look wider and sitting in the sofa at the end of the room gives us a whole new vista.  I can see the fire, the sofa is low and you could not see past the Chinese table to the fire before, so that's nice.  Look out of the French doors into the Simla Room and outside, also see out the front window.

The room has so much more room width wise with the little Eastlake sofa central facing the fire and because you sit higher on that sofa you can see the fire.  I also sat the Eastlake table beside it with a rearrangement of ornaments.

Now we either have to get the Chinese rug cleaned because of those naughty little cats, or buy a new rug.  We will see what's best.

Plus with all that moving of furniture the room got a nice clean.  Of course I couldn't have done all this without some manpower, plus after taking a few bits out of the basement they did need some special cleaning, ie mold, but with some oiling the wooden tables came up very nicely.

Well that was my Saturday, rearranging and cleaning.  But good.


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  1. It looks good but made me feel tired thinking about all that work! Its a great feeling once its all changed around though.


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