Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There are times in a life. ~ Joyce Stranger

There are times in a life
When you need a break.
Days full of strife
Are hard to take.
Take a deep breath and cross the floor.
Put on your coat and shut the door.
Take train, coach or car,
Escape the street,
Out into the country and onto your feet.
A loitering stroll down a leafy lane,
Sunshine and shadows, bright sky or rain,
A field, a river, and clumps of trees.
A small bird singing. Just give me these.
I'll return refreshed to the constant strife
That is, for most of us, daily life.
Whenever I lie on a bed of pain
I close my eyes and I dream again
Of wide blue skies and purple moors,
Of soaring hills and sandy shores,
I flee from the mess that man has made
To the God-given peace of a leafy glade.

~ Joyce Stranger

1 comment:

  1. That is beautiful and so true. I usually escape to my garden or walk down the river. It always refreshes me.


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