Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Mats

I needed to get new mats for the kitchen and hallway.  I find that as much as I love the more organic type Indian throw rugs, they are not always practical in the kitchen and hallway, where you don't want them to keep slipping around.  My old ones were now at the nasty state, dried out rubber backs shedding little bits of rubber everywhere, so now was the time to break down and replace them.

I could have gone for a different pattern in the hallway to the kitchen, but decided to stick to the same pattern.  As light as they are, surprisingly they do not show much dirt or bits on them.  Especially for the traffic of having to bring in wood all the time through the front door and a lot of traffic in a small kitchen.

These rugs are actually made in Egypt.  They may last longer than my old ones; which probably lasted five years, but you know me pretty thrifty, but the backer on these is more a woven rubber.  We will see.

I didn't used to have a rug under the kitchen wooden seat and that was causing a problem of scuffing up the floor, now with the rug underneath it has solved that problem.  So will have to remember to always have a rug under that step stool.

One day I will get my kitchen wooden floor sanded and done.  I have wanted it done ever since we moved into the house ten years ago.  It's on my long wish list.


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