Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New In The Kitchen

A couple of additions to my kitchen.  First the salt and pepper shakers, when I saw those bright red poppies I thought what a lovely splash of colour and you know I love poppies.  They came in a very pretty sturdy little box.  Rob came home and said do you have a little box for me to make a Pin Hole Camera?  So voila!  I gave him that one to use, problem solved without a big house hunt.

I had one of those glass cutting boards by the sink, not that I ever cut on it because I think they would ruin your knives, they feel and sound awful to cut on, but they do come in some very pretty picture designs, but after a while they fade, or being by the sink, water gets under them and the backer starts to come off.  So since I came up with the idea of a large cutting board, and put some plastic feet on it.  It reminds me of the old kitchen draining boards, which used to be wood.  I remember Mrs. Ratcliffe down Water Lane where I used to live had a wooden draining board, draining into a shallow but large old kitchen sink.  Plus it rather goes I think with all the wood in my kitchen.


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  1. I love your poppy set and have recently bought a poppy dinner set which really brightens the table up. I totally agree with you about chopping boards. I have a glass one which is just kept as an ornament but I use my wooden one which Paul made or a plastic one which is not much to look at. Yours looks good.


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