Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Cooking

Apple muffins, a kind of hybrid recipe I came up with using left overs.  I had left over pancake mix, with flour, butter some sugar, eggs and milk.  Plus of course pieces of apple.  Actually they taste pretty good.

Here you can see the apple pieces.

After I put the larger apple shaped ones in the oven, I decided I should have put some spices in them, so on the second batch I decided to sprinkle cinnamon over them, but unfortunately the shaker had too larger holes.

So I remembered I had brought back from England this sugar shaker, so I filled it with cinnamon sugar I think it will be just right for that.

Marinated lemon, pepper chicken in my Provence clay cooking pot.

Sunday dinner I love all the colour, mixed veg and mashed sweet potatoes.

Well I was dashing around in the morning, our meeting is at 12:00 Noon.  Cleaning out ash from the fire, cleaning the glass, lighting the fire, putting out the trash, putting out the compost.  Changing the bed, washing linens, cleaning up the kitchen.  When I got a phone call, meeting cancelled because of ice.  I must admit after all that rushing around I was happy to know that a lot was done and the rush was ended.

Rob went out and brought in two loads of wood and cleaned the poop box.  Then we sat down with a pot of tea and honey on toast and did our Watchtower together, so that was nice.  After he went to a friends and I got into some cooking.


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  1. The colours of the vegetables are beautiful. The dinner and scones look delicious. Its so cosy in the kitchen cooking goodies when its cold outside.


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