Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rediscovering Old With The New

When I was sixteen I bought myself a little zip around leather writing case at Boots in Bishop's Stortford.  I still have it, I have used it continuously for over forty years.  The edges are somewhat bare, but I'd never part with it.  It's also travelled with me to many places.

But when I espied this one on EBay for one pound I could not pass it by.  I love leather, because unless it has been absolutely hideously ruined, just a little leather polish and elbow grease and it's rejuvenated.

This little writing case is a slightly heavier leather than my old one. a little smaller but thicker.  I love the crimson lining.  Of course American writing pads will not fit in it.  I definitely need to buy a small Basildon Bond writing pad for it.  I'll do so when I'm in the UK in April.


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  1. Its beautiful but sadly I send and receive few letters nowadays. email and texting my be convenient but you can't beat a handwritten letter to read over again.


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