Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Office

My office work space is also the reception area and unfortunately has no windows.  So when I saw this little pot of daffodils at Trader Joe's I thought they would brighten up my work area and remind me of sunlight and spring.

That was last Friday.  I left them at the office over the weekend and when I came in Monday morning they had grown considerably and were stretching their little selves towards the sunlight that comes through the doorway from the main office area, plus they needed watering, but during the course of the day, with the lights on they straightened up, amazing.

The UPS guy says my teacup is as big as a pool, one could jump in.  The cup and saucer are from IKEA, almost the entire office is from IKEA.

I bought one of those slide picture frames for my work desk and I must say I do like it.  Of course I need to get another USB drive with a different set of photos on for a change.

So that's a little view of my daily work area.


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  1. Tea,flowers and pictures help to make work bearable and even pleasant! Plenty of daffs in the shops now and wont be long before they are flowering in the gardens and parks.


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