Thursday, March 10, 2011

English Words with Nordic Derivation

There are so many words in the English language that have a Nordic derivation, but one I had to share with you is Thrift.  

Thrift in the Nordic is Prift, meaning Prosperity.

So the original thought there was obviously if one is thrifty you will be prosperous.  Not that I think any of us think that in this day and age, we will be prosperous from being thrifty, but it will certainly help one out. 

I was just saying to a friend the other day, with the job market as bad as it is, the only way our income will be increased, is by squeezing every bit out of every dollar and if you don't need it don't spend it.  Make every dollar work harder.  In fact if you make less you pay less taxes, so already you've got more out of your hard earned money and you have more time.

Plus what ever you have is an asset, recycle and use what you have, plus it's fun, it makes the little grey cells work.  

Here are some thoughts on being thrifty.

We do recycle our paper, but also one can use old paper and magazines in a creative way.

Definitely repair or recycle ones clothing by using the fabric, buttons and zippers for another project.

Plant a garden it not only saves money, but it's therapeutic for the soul and will save on doctors visits.

Combine your shopping trips and save on petrol/gas

Preserve, can, freeze, make wine have fun, grow it yourself

Winterize your house, think about fuel heating sources, we use wood


P.S.  I'm always telling my son the words I learn and he always says,  "mum you should have been an English teacher."


  1. I agree completely with your thoughts on thrift. You might like the money saving expert mantra which is:- If you're skint ask yourself "Do I need it? Can I afford it?" If you aren't skint ask yourself "Will I use it? Is it worth it?" If the answer to any of these questions is no, don't buy it!

  2. Your son's comment reminds me of a line in Little Women when Jo says"I should have been a great many things!"


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