Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spoonflower, A Fabric on Demand Printing Company

Have you ever heard of Spoonflower?  Well this is an on demand fabric printing company take a look at the Spoonflower website here.  I ran across it in Tiny Happy's Blog.  You upload your own designs.  The idea of designing ones own fabric and actually have some yardage produced is amazing. 

So I looked up some water colours that I painted several years ago.  Scanned them into my computer and then uploaded them.  I think I am going to produce some 8" square swatches, at $5.00 each.  

I played around with mirror images and the size of the repeat patterns.  

So which ones do you like the best?

I think Toadstool Village might look better with a smaller repeat.

I also have some black and white images that Rob did in art class which I think would look great.

Toadstool Cottages 

Toadstool Village 

Toadstool Village

Toadstool Homes

Toadstool Cottages and Picnic by the Pond

Toadstool Cottages and Picnic by The Pond

On demand digitally printed books, business cards and now on demand digitally printed fabric such creativity and fun.  Doesn't it appeal to your childhood wish list?  All the things you dreamed of doing; some dreams do come true.


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  1. I love it, Christy! The greens make me feel like I am in England.


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