Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spoonflower Swatches

I received my Spoonflower Swatch Book; which only cost $1.00.  It was nice to feel all the different fabrics.  If you put together a Collection you can have the group printed up in 8" squares as a pre-print sampler and it's reasonable, this is what I hope to do.

As you can see above I've come up with three materials with my Logo on.  I like the top and middle one.  I think there's too much spacing on the bottom one.  I think they'd make great lining materials for a project, or just for a pocket.

Can one have creative overload?  There's just so much your mind runs riot but time and finances don't.  Although I think it's more time than finances.  Love the fabric shop near me, Jomar, always a bargain there.

On another note I planted more seeds today and my cold-frame is full.  Now I'm going out to look for some different flowers I haven't planted before.  It's tough sticking to a quarter per pack of seeds, but maybe I'll find something new and I might even splurge up to a $1.00 if I really want them.


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