Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Banana Muffins, Living on $50.00 U.S. Dollars per Week for Food, Seedlings

It's a banana muffin kind of day.  Hubby made these.  It's pouring of rain, cold and the need for a fire, where I am happily ensconced.

We're, that's three adults, still living on $50.00 U.S. dollars per week for food, paper goods, soaps, and toiletries.  Needless to say we watch every cent.  But it can be done.

I'm looking forward to my garden this year, but I'm getting a little concerned about my seeds that I potted.  Only the cabbage and greens have sprouted and it's been well over ten days since I planted them.  They are under a glass cold frame, but the weather has been quite cool, so probably not to much accelerated growth.  Some of the seeds I planted were for the 2010 planting year and only a few 2011, so I hope that the older seeds germinate.  But seeds can last for thousands of years, but I am concerned about seed viability.

If they don't germinate I'll have to dash out and buy more 2011 seeds, this is not on my agenda money wise, so let's keep positive.


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  1. The muffins look yummy! You seem to be eating pretty well on your $50. That sounds very good but I don't know what people generally spend in US. On money-saving expert forums some people have very low budgets for food but some of them don't sound very healthy. I planted last year's seeds and they are coming up but I have them indoors in a sunny window.


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