Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Felt and Silk Broaches

Some broaches I have been working on.
My glory space, it got a little out of control.
Italian woven tapestry, with grey seed pearls and glass beads.
Silk from The Working Silk Museum in Braintree, Essex, UK
Heart broach with vintage crystal button.

Eastern bluebird button, felt and silk, from The Working Museum.
Silk broach with Imagine button.

I started off by making the heart broach; which is why I have a bit of a glory space.  I could not find my vintage buttons.  I went through every needlework box, bag, tin and so on until I thought maybe they could be with my beads; which is where I found them.  During this search I came across my silk pieces from The Working Museum in Braintree, Essex.  So the search was rewarding and broaches are ideal to use these little pieces of silk made at the museum.  I've had such fun thinking about what to use and put with what, seed pearls, silk, Italian tapestry and vintage buttons.



  1. Christy--they are just lovely. I especially like the bird one. They are each so unique.

  2. I think your brooches are lovely. Your tag on the back looks cute too.
    The tea cup was looking a little precarious though. Hope you had a fun time creating.


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