Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tousled Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell my flame point Himalaya, was overly scratching, but a visit to the vet would cost over $50.00 for flea medication, it's just too much to put out when you're unemployed.  So we decided to just give her a nice shampoo bath.

She keeps her fur in good order, but the water was quite dirty.  She took the bath quite well and I think she enjoyed it.  Although I don't think she was too happy with the three hours of grooming afterwards, that she had to do and she certainly did not like walking on wet paws. Now she's a little snowball and smells pretty good too.

If anyone had a remedy that works. let me know.



  1. Teatree oil kills fleas and also prevents them. Also garlic put into the food. You can also get a battery powered grooming gadget that zaps unwanted visitors as you come the pet's coat. It doesn't hurt the pet.


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