Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hubby will dust the Hutch

Hubby has volunteered to dust the Romanian hutch, well it's really more than that, oiling all the wood.  Hence the photos to know where to return the china to, or it will not all fit back.  We bought this hutch or Welsh dresser as I've known them named.  Hutch is what they're called in the States. A hutch is where we always kept the rabbits.  In any case we bought this piece quite a few years ago, for a very good price.  It was made in Romanian and I think the finials at the top belie that origin.

All my china has a story or a memory.  For instance the covered cheese dish was given to me by my mum, but it was grandma's originally.  On the top shelf center is a platter Portmerion, bought as a wedding present by my grandmother.  I love the set of corn dishes found at the thrift shop and from France.  Also the very sixties looking dinner plate, the circle of shapes in pale blue and sage green. I only have one, but it is from Canonsburg Pottery in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.  The pottery was founded in 1900 and was sold in a bankruptcy sale in 1978.  I would love a whole service in that pattern, Temporama.

I honestly could go on an on, oh! I do love the hand painted eastern bluebird plates, another thrift shop find, first shelve up each end.  And I have to mention the thatched cottage tea set on the top shelf, from Ireland.  Well us girls love our china.


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  1. Your china is beautiful but I don't envy Bob dusting it and putting it all back. The photo is a good idea.


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