Monday, November 1, 2010

50 States Quilt Block Patterns, from Hearth & Home 1907 - 1912

In 1907 the Fancywork Department of a popular farm magazine, Hearth & Home (love the title) inaugurated a series of state quilt block patterns.  Readers throughout the country were asked to contribute pieced cloth blocks to represent their respective states.  The block could be an original design or simply the sender's favourite.  The readers responded to this request and pictures of the selected block appeared in monthly issues until the series ended in 1912.

After the 48-state quilt block series was completed, Hearth & Home began another series called "Outlying Possessions" this series included blocks from such territories as Alaska and Hawaii.

When these quilt blocks were published, there was a general neglect and indifference in urban areas to the craft of quilt making.  Such collecting together of these quilt blocks by Hearth & Home kept the craft alive.  Also the unique style of patchwork quilt design that developed in each state.

Over the next year starting on Monday 1st November I will be posting four quilt blocks a month, every Monday, 50 quilt blocks for 50 states, starting with Alabama.



  1. What magazine did you find these patterns in? It sounds lovely. I think you are going to have a wonderful time doing them.

  2. I am looking for state blocks. I just came across your blog. Very lovely! Did you finish all the states? It looks like the blocks are different sizes. I have to try those little cheesecakes!


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