Sunday, October 31, 2010


These little dears are adorable, Alpacas.  They can be found in South America, such countries as Chile, Peru and Bolivia.  Their wool is extremely durable and soft.

As a preteen I remember I had a beautiful alpaca wool coat.  It was green, with a Peter Pan collar, very large sixties buttons. pleats part way across the back, with a slung belt across the top of the pleats, secured by a large matching buttons on either side.  I loved that coat.

They did have some scarves for sale, $70.00, so soft.

The lady who owned them said that they are inexpensive to keep.  She can feed 12 on $2.50 per day, hay and I didn't ask what else they eat.

They make the most darling little baa type sound, not loud and not like a sheep.

We did enjoy touching and looking at them.


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  1. When I looked at the photo first--I thought they were stuffed toys--rather large ones!
    How beautiful they are.


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